Wireless Broadband Internet Connectivity: using state of the art equipment and technology IPTel can provide P2P(Point2Point) connectivity using RADWIN 1.9/3.5GHz transmission equipment, supported by using a 4.5 earthlink satellite receiver and managed by a NOC base station. Our equipments can be installed in most premises with no fuse to provide seamless connectivity. Need more information on a simple, easy connectivity, contact out sales team for a solution

P2P Dedicated Bandwidth Solution(P2PDBS): New for 2010! As from September 2010 IPTel is introducing our P2PDBS. P2PDBS offers individual users or corporations dedicated bandwidth solution comparable to VSAT without the cost of installing VSAT. With the technology to bring down unlimited bandwidth, we can transmit to most location dedicated bandwidth by installing a receiver at your premise and transmit over 10 Mbps. This solution operates on a separate platform hosted at our NOC and Base Station enabling a much more secure, fast and reliable service not sharing bandwidth within the platform


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