Looking for Wireless or fibre optics broadband Solution? With IPTel you can be sure of a safe, secure and reliable wireless Broadband solution to meet all your connectivity needs


  • Basic package: 128kbps (ideal for up to 3 users at home or work)
  • Standard: bbbb 256kbps up to 5 computers browsing
  • Gold: bbbbbbbb750kbps ideal for 5 or more users including file up/down loading
  • Platinum:bbbbbb1Mbps ideal for corporate or those in need of high speed connectivity
  • P2PDBS: bbbbb This service works for organisations needing fast, safe, secure and reliable bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbconnectivity. It can be designed to provide from 256kbps to over 10Mbps.
  • Fibre Optics:: --- A safe and reliable connectivity solution. we can provide aerial Fibre optics solution----------------------------- for your home or office


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